Public School Funding

Topics: Education, High school, State Pages: 1 (269 words) Published: June 8, 2008
Education: Public School Funding

All across America students go to school to learn and prepare for their futures. Imagine students of all ages walking into a classroom with new desks with four stable legs, new chairs that aren’t cracked or missing parts and sitting down to their personal laptop provided by the school. This sounds like a school that most parents would want their children to attend. But how would parents find a school like this? Are there even schools like this available for every student to go to? How exactly is it decided what schools get major improvements? For the past few years the government has been trying to improve the quality of public schools by increasing the budget. This new budget had been intended for necessities like renovations and new books for classrooms. While some schools have used this extra money properly there is no guarantee that every school is putting this money towards a good cause. Along with the new budget there have been new law suits about this issue. Some organizations have argued the same point that even though the money is there it’s not regulated like it should be. According to the Committee for Economic Development over $ 400 billion is spent on public school funding every year. Although all this money is being used for public schools, it still isn’t bringing the desired effect. The number of students improving in their schooling hasn’t increased like the government was expecting. If this solution doesn’t change the problem then perhaps money isn’t exactly the issue. Apparently there’s enough money
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