Public Relations, Strategy and Theory.

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This essay aims to highlight the contributions of public relations at the strategic level. J L Thompson (1995) defined strategy as a means to an end, and he writes,” The ends concern the purposes and objectives of the organization. There is a broad strategy for the whole organization and a competitive strategy for each activity.” The significance of strategy is allowing practitioners to set their work in the wider organizational context. The concept of strategy is made clearer by Mintzberg et al (1982) who offer five uses for the word strategy, there are plan, ploy, pattern, position and perspective. On the contrary, these five uses do not operate in isolation, but are intertwined to generate more benefits. Position is important to strategy in Public Relations because it allows us to leverage the organization in context. In addition, Position helps us align our strategy with the organization’s mission statement.

Strategy and Theory in Public Relations
There are 3 clusters, which Chaffee (1985) has identified to strategy, which is Linear, Adaptive and Interpretive. Since Singapore’s independence, the Ministry of Education (MOE) has adopted a linear approach towards the education system, which focuses on planning. As Singapore developed, MOE used the adaptive strategy to continually update themselves amidst changes. However, with the new Education Minister, MOE uses the intepretive strategy to engage with stakeholders. This is in line with what Minister Heng Swee Keat (2011) said at a public event,” Schools must keep engaging parents. The complaints reflect the need to keep parents up-to-date on changes in the school curriculum.” In this instance, the interpretive strategy works to MOE’s advantage because it can no longer have policies without having public consultation. Thus, an open door approach will help MOE in cutting down complaints from its stakeholders, the parents. Previously when MOE’s strategy was linear, it was transactional. It later...
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