Public Relations Strategy

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Current Public Relations Strategy

To analysis the Body Shop current public strategy, we will focus on three aspects which is cause-relating marketing, green marketing and pro-environmental activities, sponsorships.

Cause-Relating Marketing
Cause-Relating Marketing is a program that a company creates some charity activities with some non-profit organization in order to develop a good brand image for the company.

We find that the Body Shop develops the Body Shop Foundation which is the international Plc’s charitable trust in order to support the donation in the three areas which is animal protections, human rights and environmental protection.

For the animal protection, the Body Shop has funded £10,000 on August 2012 to Born Free USA which is the non-profit organization that saves the animal in the captivity, abusive situations in laboratories or the environment with the human interference. The Body Shop donates the money on building two transition enclosures to the monkey and ensure the monkey have enough space for the rehabilitation.

For the environmental protection, the Body Shop has funded £10,000 on December 2011 for the International Tree Foundation in order to hire the local people to plant the tree, and the Body Shop also provides the food and income for them.

For the Human Right, the Body Shop has funded £5,000 to the Centre for Community Development and Education on the June 2012 in order to provide working capital for women and girls and help them to start their businesses.

The Body Shop aims to sell the natural skincare product to the customers in the fair and ethical trade, so the firm focuses on the issues that match with the company business. It is more easily accepted by the customers and it shows to the customers that the Body Shop cares about the earth and society rather than get the benefit from the nonprofit reputation and commercial gain. It helps the company to build the good corporate image to customers.

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