Public Relations of Toyota: The Image of a Successful Company

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  • Published : October 14, 2012
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Public Relations of Toyota
Throughout the years Toyota has enjoyed a solid reputation for half a century. Toyota produced quality, durable vehicles that outlasted and outperformed many vehicles. However Toyota has been hit with a lot of scandals and has been misunderstood. Toyota is now taking steps in the right direction to minimize negative situations involving the accelerators on some of its vehicles. Toyota is now reconnecting to their customers and changing the outlook on their views of Toyota as a whole! The public relations professionals are working hard at developing a good, positive relationship between a firm and the public it serves. With investing in great public relations for your business will help your businesses success. Great Public Relations, supporting your business can create and build up the image of successful company. During times of adverse publicity an effective Public Relations professional, can remove the misunderstanding and can create mutual understanding between the business and the public? Toyota strives to assist the communities where we live and work by supporting local organizations focused on the areas of environment, education, and safety to family’s everywhere. In addition, Toyota partners with several regions, in the Northeastern, Midwestern, Southeastern, and Western of the U.S. Toyota is a company based for family and values their customers with great customer service. In almost every city there is a Toyota dealer near to help service every Toyota customer needs. Public Relations play an important role in developing a credible and recognizable brand online and offline for any business and it harnesses the power of third party testimonials in the media. Public Relations, delivers a tremendous return on investments because the articles and stories generated in the media are credible. When a Public Relations program is implemented in conjunction with marketing and advertising programs, a brand can be developed and strengthened over a period of time. A successful brand always comes from customers with their love and support for the company brand. In addition, all of great things that customers think of the company’s brand it what builds the company’s brand image. Toyota Public Relations professionals recognized this when building the brand of their company, since they had their very first fall, with recalls and accelerators on some of its vehicles. Toyota was first founded by Kiichiro Toyoda in 1937 as a spinoff from his father's company Toyota Industries to create automobiles. The name Toyota is from the founder's name (Toyoda) the Toyota symbol represents the "T" in Toyota. The Toyota symbol is all the letters of Toyota, stylized and overlayed. The two interlocking circles inside the larger circle represent Toyota the company and the customer/consumer and represents their inter-relations and importance to another. The larger circle represents the world and the idea that Toyota and their customers are a part of it. Toyota spent roughly $1 billion on marketing during the fourth quarter of 2009 alone in an attempt to help drive up sales of its vehicles in the U.S. (W. Scott, 2010). Although Toyota has had to shift gears from that proactive push and into a reactive mode more recently, the automaker expects to spend less on advertising in 2010 than it did in 2009. But industry experts say the automaker must remain aggressive if it hopes to grow sales and repair its image (W. Scott, 2010). Toyota is now making steps to rebuild their image, in a great way, the first positive step in what will most likely connect with public relations overhauls that aim to socially re-connect Toyota to their consumers. Toyota’s new technique of brand marketing has given other Public Relations professionals a creative method to follow when creating campaigns for their customers. In addition, In order to keep the public's perception is the public's reality, and the perception is slowly but...
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