Public Relations: Kodak

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  • Published : February 14, 2013
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Relevant Facts:
Kodak has a long history that spans over 130 years. Founder George Eastman patents photographic film stored in a roll in 1884. In 1888 he implemented the first camera to complement his film roll. Kodak was then founded in Rochester, New York in the early 1890’s and by 1900 the Brownie camera was made a sparked photography to the masses. In 1975 Kodak was the first company to build a functioning digital camera that stored images on a cassette tape. In 2004 Kodak stopped selling film camera due to the increasing demand of digital cameras. As of 2012 Kodak files for bankruptcy due to huge pension cost for workers stemming from 2011 epidemic. Citigroup credited Kodak with $950 million to keep the historic company afloat. Content:

Kodak was trying to promote innovation to the growing digital market. This is prevalent due to it large urban community of supporters. The theme needed to accommodate the growing trend and also pull in a new commodity for the younger generation that might have not been particularly loyal to Kodak. The theme I would have suggested would have been similar to Apple’s business model. Apple’s promotes simplicity, innovation, and style; albeit Apple’s products are priced significantly higher than its competition, the quality is certainly worth it. I think Kodak was attempting to gain that type of audience when it implemented the strategy of the Easy-share one. The objectives could have been stronger by establishing a more detailed plan. It was not clear exactly who they where presenting this innovation to other than it was a release party. Secondly Kodak was the last to penetrate the growing digital market with their design. It was as if they waited to see what the market was doing and then piggy backed off of competitor’s ideas. This is similar to the Sony Play station and Microsoft Xbox competition that was happening during that time. A new System turnover takes approximately 7 years after its previous version was released....
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