Public Relations Communications Plan for a Non-for Profit Company

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30 Takes thiry|
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30 Takes Thirty

30 Elephants Ltd. is a Toronto based organization that believes in the importance of teaching the youth of today different cultures. They support and promote diversity; learning that the word “different” is not a bad word. Organizing small groups and taking them to various cities and countries they explore the language, customs, foods, clothing, and people of these countries and/or cities, as well as national landmarks. Providing kids with the opportunity to see the world broadens their horizons and enables them to be aspired and inspired. The goal of this program by showing them different places, occupations and ways of life is to inflame a positive change in the world starting with the youth of today. Not only does 30 Elephants try to embody their vision through exploring the world but they also offer cultural summer camps, international and youth camps and various travel programs. 30 Takes Thirty is the not-for profit sister company that was formally launched in November of 2010. The 30 Takes Thirty organization was developed to offer the same benefits to students who are less fortunate and whose guardians cannot afford to give their child a cultural experience. These students are fully sponsored and are able to participate in all the same activities and excursions that are provided in the 30 Elephants program.

Situational Analysis
30 Takes Thiry is a non-for profit sister company to 30 Elephants Ltd. The organization was formally launched in November of 2010. 30 Takes Thirty offers sponsorships to kids who come from a less-fortunate family the opportunity to become more culturally diverse through different travelling experiences. They also offer cultural summer camps, international and youth camps and various travel programs. The main strategy is to create awareness around the importance of cultural diversity and the organization itself. 30 Takes Thirty has the potential to expand nationally, because of the resources they already have. They are a Toronto-based organization, so their celebrity spokespeople are Canadian, none the less, Toronto talent. Kardinal Offishal and Jully Black support 30 Takes Thirty but are not as active as they could be. Encouraging them to become more active and promote the organization is a tactic we are striving to achieve. Although, there are many tactics that can help 30 Take Thirty create a more popular reputation, which are expressed in the tactics below, it is known that to attract immediate attention celebrities are the go-to resources. The fact that 30 Takes Thirty already has two well-known Canadian artists it is only a matter of utilizing them properly to create a buzz around their cause. Holding an event, becoming more active online and using TV media are three ways to start to promote your cause using your celebrities. By having them speak about (fundraising event), write about (blog, social networks) and be visible (all mass media) are all key tactics to target potential donors, future members and enthusiastic volunteers. Creating a stronger reputation will attract more people with parallel interests who give apple opportunities to the youth to experience various travel adventures and help them grow positively. This will give them an experience to experience cultural diversity and all its beauties; in turn, inspiring and aspiring them to see all lights of cultures that are different as a beautiful thing and not something negative.

* Offering cultural experience to the youth through school and summer programs * Providing sponsorships for less-fortunate kids
* Canadian celebrity sponsors/spokesperson - Kardinal Offishall & Jully Black * Being active on social media networks targets the appropriate audience. I.e. Facebook, Twitter, Flicker and You Tube. Weaknesses

* 30 Elephants Ltd. has a website but does not have one for 30 Takes Thirty. *...
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