Public Relations Campaign: Strategy Paper

Topics: Public relations, Fast food restaurant, McDonald's Pages: 3 (995 words) Published: March 25, 2008
Public Relations Campaign: Strategy Paper
Public Relations – MKT 438
Parthiv Shah
University of Phoenix
January 19, 2008

Effective marketing has enabled McDonald’s to become one of the largest and most profitable fast food service restaurants in the world. The aim of public relations and marketing is to make selling your product, services and brand name superfluous. McDonald’s public relations and branding strategy is essential in order to build solid relationships and provide healthy food product lines within its chain and restaurants. Branding its core competences and values is accomplished through the use of unique food products marketed by McDonald’s. McDonalds has seen its brand name and menu items take off. McDonalds has designed and produced its public relations efforts strategically throughout China to enhance the identity of the new McChina Wrap sandwich through the use of its unique brand name as well as its mass appeal to include Ronald McDonald. A) Objectives for the PR Campaign

Through an aggressive PR campaign based on achievable objectives, McDonalds will continue to capture customers and interested provinces by positioning itself as flexible and efficient in contrast to other fast food restaurants in the China marketplace. The objectives will highlight the interrelated activities in the PR campaign that continue make McDonalds products and services the standard by which customers and the local provinces need in order to be successful. McDonalds Public Relations campaign objectives will also seek to give the company the good reputation that it has always had with the aim of earning understanding, supporting and influencing opinion and public behavior with regards to their branding. The campaign objectives will be written as a guide to sustain effort to establish, and maintain goodwill and understanding between McDonalds and its diverse customers and its local business partners. To get started,...
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