Public Relations and Marketing

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Public Relations and Marketing
Both Public Relations and Marketing are very popular and useful majors in American universities. However, many people are not able to distinguish the differences between them because they have similar functions for a company. What is more, some companies set up a Marketing Department and ask the department to do the Public Relations tasks. According to what I learned from college, I would like to say that Public Relations is necessary for a successful company and I prefer to be involved in the industry of PR than that of Marketing.

On one hand, PR and Marketing have different aspects of companies. PR focuses on companies’ image management, external management and crisis management. As usual, PR department creates a lot of events to introduce a new product; try to get well along with media which can improve or damage companies’ image; make a strategy as soon as a crisis happens. Otherwise, Marketing focuses on the products’ sale management. Marketing department would like to try many ways to improve sale. For example, it does market researches to know what customers need; try to make divide customers into different segmentations, select target market, and do positioning; develop new product to keep the market share. Therefore, I like PR more because I think it is more interesting and changeable.

On the other hand, PR is a complete task, which focus on the whole of company’s profit; Marketing is a detailed task, which focus on products’ sales. Like mentioned above, PR aim to improve the image of company, and deal with crisis. Once the image is hurt by crisis, companies will be destroyed. Hence, it focuses on the whole picture. Otherwise, Marketing aimes to improve products’, even certain products’, sale and gain more revenues. Hence, it is a detailed part for a company. I would like to handle the whole picture of a company so I prefer PR as my major.

However, PR and Marketing have the same goals....
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