Public Relations

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Public Relations

As an IMC tool, PUBLIC RELATIONS can perform these tasks for us:

* Promotion: Use techniques such as events, promos, and ads to create and stimulate public interest. * Internal Communications: Planned messages disseminated to company employees through a variety of communication channels, including newsletters, bulletin boards, posters etc. * Corporate Sponsorship: Providing support to an event or cause by devoting company resources in exchange for an opportunity to enhance goodwill, company image, and sales. * Advertisements: Preparation, purchase, and placement of purposefully planned and executed messages through selected media, to further the interest of our target market.

Public relations can quickly and effectively stimulate our company growth and result in greater awareness of what Bay Commercial Bank has to offer our community.

Tools of the Trade: We plan on utilizing the following PUBLIC RELATIONS tools—

* Press/News Releases: Press and news releases about Bay Commercial Bank will be sent to the editors of local magazines, and newspapers were we could directly reach our market. Press releases will contain the company description, offers, our company story, as well as testimonials from existing customers, and so on.

* Online Presence and Social Media: This will include our company website, and social media presence on existing websites such as Facebook. This provides a means for potential customers to access their needs and fulfill any inquires they may have about our company and what we provide.

* Publicity: Brochures, and company flyers will be made available to the general public, and also available online to assure easy access for customers. Company events, programs, and seminars will also be conducted occasionally to create opportunities for Bay Commercial Bank to connect and network with our local communities.

How can PUBLIC RELATIONS be INTEGRATED with other IMC methods?

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