Public Relation Proposal

Topics: Marketing, Public relations, Marketing strategy Pages: 3 (700 words) Published: February 2, 2013
An introductory paragraph about what your PR company aims to help the client with an executive summary. · Objectives of the PR campaign Change in public perception/attitude, Build media relationships, etc. · Target audience for your client Know the demographic you¹re targeting. Challenges your client might face - Find out what they are and create ways to solve them. · Situation/Competitive Analysis Know what the competition is doing and your client¹s strengths and weaknesses. · Strategies and Tactics you will use to help obtain PR This includes Press Kit development, Media Outreach, Satellite and Radio Media Tours, Media Events, Celebrity Endorsements, Gift Bag Opportunities, etc. · A few generic ideas on how you¹re going to go out to the media; story angles. · Target Press You don¹t need to include every media outlet you¹re going to outreach to, but give the client a smattering of print, online, radio and TV outlets, so they can tell you if that¹s who they want to reach out to. · Key Messages Top 5 messages your client will want to say to the press on a consistent basis. · Timeframe/Schedule - When things will be generally started/completed by. · Return on Investment (ROI) Let the client know what should happen, what they¹ll get out of having a PR campaign for their company/product. · Evaluation Strategies/Metrics How to measure the campaign (in whatever way you deem appropriate). · Budget What¹s covered under your fees and what are external costs Team bios - Who will be part of the PR team. · A closing paragraph to thank the client for the opportunity to work with them. Before you create a proposal, you need to have completed significant research on your client and their industry, so you know what you¹re talking about. Always check the validity of your data and spell-check, including names, before you send the proposal. Length doesn¹t matter, but quality of information does. And last, but not least, wait a day after you¹ve written the proposal to...
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