Public Relation

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  • Published: December 12, 2012
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Question 1
There are 4 types of Public Relations:
a) Government Public Relations
b) Corporate Public Relations
c) Voluntary Public Relations
d) Consultacy Public Relations
Select any 2 of the above and discuss the similarities and differences of PR practice. (10%) Question 2
Select 1 theory that we have discuss.
a) Discuss the theory
b) How do you think the theory is applicable in the Public Relations practice.

Question 1
Corporate Public Relations
The Corporate public relation role and objective is to support profit-making objectives either they make it directly or indirectly. By using indirectly method, it can create a good business environment to make company will continue to able to operate. The campaigns made by company must show that company is aimed at the social responsibility and not only for profit motivated. In corporate public relations, they make a relations with investor by providing the information to the stakehoder and the investor about the financial achievements of company, the operation of the company and also the planning that made by the company. This is important for investor to know the detail about the company that they invested in. For example, Petronas must keep give all the information to the investor and also make a good relationships with them. With knowing all the information, the investor of Petronas can evaluate the performance of the company. If there is a lot of potential to make a profit, the investor will make a more investment in the future.

Public Relations Consultacies
In the Public Relations Consultacies, the scope of services that the consultant firm provide to clients who needs their help varies accordingly. The firm may operate as an adjunct to an organisation’s public relations department. Company and organisation uses the public relation consulatancy because the organisation have not reached the level of expenditue on public relations when it would be justified...
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