Public Policy or Domestic Disturbance

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China’s Policy: Google’s Disturbance

China’s Policy and Google’s Disturbance

The Chinese population is governing under the ideology of communism. In such a society, the government controls social and political order. Under communist governance, the government controls the lives of its people. Their social activities are in most cases, censored. The government who dominates decision-making decides upon healthcare and other social elements. China refers to this control as “guided opinion.” Google on the other hand derived from a moderate society where people are free to do “almost” anything that they desire. It is clear and convincing that Google felt the need to exercise power without consciousness that China’s policy on search engines and socialization.

Google is more familiar with cultures such as Americans where we are able to log onto the internet and access any possibilities. Because Americans are governing under a democratic political structure, there are hardly any limits in regards to search engines and mass media. America exercises the right to speech and freedom of press. We able to watch programs on television that some nations can only imagine as the realities of their government will not permit. Another important point to view when surveying this conflict between Google and China is that fact that here in America, networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, online chats and so on are actually incorporated into tradition.

Americans are able to access these networks from a variety of electronics devices and are logged on at times for an entire twenty-four hours period. This is not the same in China where citizens are forbidden to practice such social addictive behavior, In modern times, China censors everything from the traditional print press to domestic and foreign Internet sites; from cell phone text messages to social networking services; from online chat rooms to blogs, films and e-mail. It even censors online games. This is their culture and has been the system to which they life for decades. Google should have respected the Chinese’s way of life.

Though both parties are likely to be hurt from this turmoil, they continue to negotiate holding on to what they feel matter the most to them. This is typical of diplomatic negations as in most cases, parties experience: power struggle, cultural barriers, and greed; this at times, take the best of parties while they try in all attempts to prove who have the most power and respect. Ury (1993) spoke on taking the issue “to the balcony” and knowing when to break off that relationship if impossible to save:

Though Google has decided to leave China after realizing that they were in over their heads against the Chinese government and officials who have accused them of not respecting the laws and regulation; there is still possibilities that the tables might turn to meet the needs of both parties in a integrative approach. A bargaining chip for the two would be their interdependence. Google’s revenue of $500 million and China’s reality that they are not receiving as good a service from their dominant provider, Baidu; can serves as a mutual interest to gain from each other.

China fears that if internet access and social networks like: Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and other social cafes were to become accessible to their people, they might lose the social order in china. The government is unlike some nations where ordinary citizens are privy to valuable information. In China, people are not so much involved in politics as in America and other places. Demick and Pierson (2010) speaks on the importance of internet censoring to China, "The Chinese are very mindful of the potential political repercussions of openness -- they make no bones about it -- and around the margins, their desire to maintain social stability will trump any other issue,"(p.A3). The Chinese government has its people...
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