Public Policy and Section Assessment

Topics: Public policy, Government, Political party Pages: 2 (660 words) Published: March 21, 2013
Chapter 9 Section 1 p. 240 Section Assessment 1-4
1. What is a public policy?
A public policy is a goal a government creates and accomplishes them. 2. List and describe the three main ideas in which political parties and interest groups differ.
Political parties focus on nominations, on their goals and on their interests. Interest groups may favor a candidate, but the political party is in charge of the nominations. The political party is more concerned about the person who will be in charge of the government rather than the policies the government will create. 3. (a) How do interest groups stimulate interest in public affairs?

They promote policies they favor and oppose those they fear as threats to their concerns.
(b) Name at least three additional functions of interest groups.
They unite with other people around the country to promote their concern. They provide detailed information to the government to address their concerns. They act as check-and-balances for the political process. 4. On what bases are interest groups often criticized?

Some interest schools do not represent all the views they claim to speak. They can also use tactics to undermine the political system. They may also not represent all the people they claim to represent.

Chapter 9 Section 2 p. 247 Section Assessment 2-4
2. (a) What are the four major types of economically based interest groups?
Business, Labor, Agricultural, and Professional
(b) List an example of a major type.
A major type of organization is the American Medical Association, which focuses on the concerns of doctors.
(c) How does a trade association differ from a labor union?
A trade association is an interest group for business, while labor unions are interest group for workers that work in the same industry. Chapter 9 Section 3 p. 254 Section Assessment 1-4, & p. 257 1. For what three reasons do interest groups reach out to the public? They reach out to...
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