public pay disclosure in state government

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Public Pay Disclosure in State Government: An Ethical Analysis


Bowman, J., Stevens, K. (2012, May 16). Public pay disclosure in state government: an ethical analysis. Retrieved from Open discussion about salaries is often taboo in American society, inquisition can considered rude or out of line. Sometimes people aren’t happy with what they are making and therefore wish to keep that information secrete. But what if employers made all salary information public for the world to see? Perhaps corruption or misappropriate of fund would come to light. The article “Public pay disclosure in State Government: An Ethical Analysis” is a qualitative analysis that examines state legislation that discloses public employee salary earnings. The focus of the article is whether or not legislation’s disclosure of state employees is ethical. To help asses whether or not such legislation is ethical, authors Bowman and Stevens, utilize the “ethics triangle” to evaluate arguments for and against salary disclosure on the grounds of efficiency, responsibility, merit and public trust. This paper is an analysis of both the open and closed pay system and seeks to purport that the open pay system in more advantageous.

Advocates of open pay systems believe that the confidentiality increases efficiency because it promotes civil service professionalism and it reduces common work place issues, like employer favoritism and company corruption. Many supporters of open pay systems feel that because taxpayers pay government salaries, they have a right to know how that money is being allocated. A major argument for open pay systems is that it may enhance trust in the government, which intern would help maintain citizen faith in democracy. In contrast by not disclosing salary information there exist “a basis for suspicion that the organization has something to conceal” (Bowman and Stevens, 2012, p.476)....
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