Public Participation and Its Impacts in Development: an Experience from Nepal

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  • Published : August 27, 2010
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Public Participation and Its Impacts in Development: an experience from Nepal. “Think about public participation for development and apply it for betterment”

Always, a play plays in my mind about all being winners between drivers of development and helping hands for it. These drivers not other than the government, investors and donators for the development for poor people of poor countries to pull them up on the way of completeness. Similarly, Helping hands are really those of rural peoples who are always waiting for making their hands busy for perpetual development, joy at present and secure life for generation.

Yes, this is a concept of public participation in development works and decision making from village to national level. And I am mainly focused in the context of Nepal; what was the condition of public participation in development works in past, its consequences in present and lessons that should be learned from the past.

In case of Nepal, we find some regulations and acts of government about mandatory public participation for public concerned development works. Some of such acts and manuals are as follows: 1. National EIA guide lines, 1993.

2. Manuals for Public Involvement, Scoping, Public hearing for EIA of any public concerned projects like cement industries and hydropower in Nepal.

The government has prioritized the concept of Public Participation (PP) in 10th five year plan (see at link: During FY 1996/97; the Nepal government lunched a popular program between its citizens with slogan “make village ownself” which became so successful mainly to built new corridors of roads in a national level and its gist is being followed in one to another way by succeeding governments. This means the concept of public participation for development is in forefront of governments’ priorities since more than decade back. Similarly, many NGOs and INGOs, ADB and WB working in Nepal are also found...
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