Public Park Observation

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  • Published : March 9, 2013
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Public Park
I am sitting in my truck under a tree, looking out the window. The sun is starting to disappear but for now it makes me feel warm all over. I am focused on the large amount of people out on a late week night. There were five different groups doing physical activity. Each group was composed of men and women, and had at least 10 people in each group. One group was running, two groups walking, another group was standing all focused on one individual in the group speaking. The fifth group was on the ground and the last group doing sprints. Also, each area of the park had parents and their children. There were two parent families, single parents. We had some parents watching their child play baseball, others were on the track practicing, others on the wide open field playing football. Individuals pass my truck on the passenger side, while they move around the gravel track. Some are with partners, others are by themselves. You have some walking at a slow pace and others moving at a very fast pace. They are all different shades and sizes, but all with the same agenda, which is to make it around the track. Cars pass my truck on the driver’s side, some at a pace to fast for the 25 mile/per hour speed limit, and others following the traffic rules. As I look down the hill, I see fancy sport cars, family vans, cars and trucks unoccupied in the packed parking lot. I saw one individual walking as I passed her on my way to the parking spot I am now occupying, I see her run pass my truck, then I see her start to run again, as she gets a few steps in front of my now parked truck. She has on a white t-shirt, black and white shorts, with black tights on underneath the shorts. She is thick, maybe 140 pounds. I see her pass my truck at least two more times before I finally pass her again in my truck as I am leaving to return the park on my way home. Night has come, and an hour has passed, she is still running around the gravel track. Parents and children are still...
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