Public Office Is a Public Trust

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  • Published : June 27, 2012
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I think Noynoy Aquino is honest and clean. I do not have the same opinion when it comes to Renato Corona. I know that the latter should be deemed innocent until proven guilty. Unfortunately, he cannot be proven guilty through normal means because he is immune from suit. People questioned his integrity from the very beginning. That should have disqualified him from holding public office. The SALN is an assurance that government officials do not enrich themselves while in power. Renato Corona chose to hide it from us. This alone destroys the trust, if there is any, that people have on Renato Corona. He did not also reveal how many bank accounts he has and how much money he accumulated during his tenure as a Chief Justice. Doing so will reveal that he is earning more than his salary though he did not declare any business in his private capacity. Doing so will also reveal that he was not paying his taxes. Doing so will show that that an ordinary citizen like me pays more taxes. Doing so will show that he is not trustworthy. Public office is a public trust. In the absence of public trust, one, no matter how intelligent and mighty he is, does not deserve to be leading a government office. This is true even for the men and women behind the President. I think this president is very loyal to his friends. Unfortunately, some of his friends are not loyal to him. They stay in power because the President said that they should be presumed innocent until proven guilty. That is correct. But it does not mean that he must protect them from prosecution. It does not mean that he must forgive them when they themselves do not follow the “straight path”. Buying buying pirated DVDs, though not a criminal act, is a declaration that his slogan is just a slogan. They must follow his lead. When they don’t he must fire them. The recent controversy of the PAGCOR Chief shows the weakness of the President. His spokespersons said that there was nothing wrong in bringing the Chief’s whole...