Public Leadership

Topics: Unemployment, Communication, U.S. state Pages: 5 (1524 words) Published: May 9, 2013
Public Leadership Case Study

Krystle Ward
Professor: Andre' L. Lee
PAD 515
February 24, 2013
Summary of Meeting
Pat McCrory, the 74th Governor of North Carolina, delivered his inaugural speech Jan. 12 in Raleigh. Throughout the speech, McCrory addressed a number of issues affecting residents of the state, including the economy, unemployment and the education system. Sticking to themes and a bipartisan approach that won him the election three months ago, the former Charlotte mayor also said that North Carolina is no longer going to take federal money without knowing how to pay it back. He vowed to improve the economy in a state with the fifth-highest unemployment rate in the nation. McCrory also said North Carolina has fallen behind when it comes to public education and economic recruitment compared with other states and needs to catch up. He feels a top-to-bottom review of the state’s economic development assets is a priority. He reiterated his principles for a tax overhaul of lowering income tax rates to those of neighboring states. He also said he would work toward leveraging the state’s military presence to expand the defense industry and to promote export growth. McCrory, who has been in office six weeks, offered the broad outline of a legislative agenda that includes a revamped education system that uses technology in the classroom and a streamlined government that makes customer service its mission. Agenda and how dialogue and discernment were used

After introductions Governor McCrory told a story about how his parents came to North Carolina. North Carolina was the place to locate new industries that built things, designed new products and created high-tech jobs. NC became a financial and transportation hub for the nation and the world. NC built a university system that attained a reputation for quality education, research, affordability and a strong workforce. His parent’s felt it was the ideal place to live, work, and raise a family. McCrory stated "there is pain right in the communities he grew up in. Too many people are out of work. Our state’s unemployment is the fifth highest in the country, and many of our leaders in Washington struggle to find solutions together. There is another way". This introduction set the agenda for conversation by underscoring the key issues that he feels is needed to be successful as Governor in North Carolina. Draft (2011), defines discernment as listening in which a leader detects unarticulated messages hidden below the surface of spoken interaction. Leaders use discernment to detect potential problems or hidden emotions. In reference to the state address I do not feel discernment was needed. The reactions from the crowd gave the speech more of pep rally feel at times. I think the Governor felt his message was being well received and didn’t need to look for messages hidden below the surface. The Governor used dialogue to help people create a shared sense of meaning and purpose. Poor and Good Communications Skills Observed

Communication is a process by which information and understanding are transferred between a sender and a receiver (Draft, 2011). Governor McCrory initiated communication by encoding his thoughts of the economy in North Carolina and transmitting it to the audience. Good communication requires that the speaker is clear, concise, concrete and correct. The Governor was clear about his purpose and objectives. They were issues affecting residents of the state, economy, unemployment, and education. He was also concise by sticking to the point and keeping it brief. Concrete being that he gave the audience a clear picture of what he was telling them. There were details and facts. I do not feel that the Governor was correct because his communication was not error free. There were a lot of state employees present that he referred to as seat warmers. He also wants to bring in outside resources to help teachers. There are plenty of resources here...
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