Public Healthcare in Canada

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Public Healthcare in Canada

The Introduction of the Medical Care act in 1966 insured access to better healthcare for all Canadian Citizens. The Government has a big responsibly in making sure that it’s citizens are fully taken care of in the event of a person needing any kind of Medical Service and is unable to provide for them selves for any reason. This states, “The false philosophy of the welfare state. In my opinion, the government does have a responsibility to assist those who are unable to provide for their own needs. If we accomplish that then we are meeting our responsibilities as our brother’s keeper”. (Hansard 7564) The government or the provincial leader has a huge responsibility to assist those who are unable to provide for their own needs. As the leader of a country or province, it is your duty to make sure that your citizens are well taken care of under any circumstances. The Medical care act provided free healthcare of any kind to every Canadian citizen, especially retired seniors and people that are unable to afford any kind of healthcare for whatever reason. Before the Medical Act was put in place in 1966, healthcare was looked at as a way for the government and other private businesses to make money when medical care should be about helping people in need of it. This States, “All of us in this corner have been looking forward to getting this legislation before us because we hope, at long last, we are going to be able to turn health care from being a business for profit as it has been under private agencies, into a service for the people of Canada”. (Hansard 7605) The government of any Country should never look at the healthcare of its people as a way to make a profit; it should be about insuring the safety and well being of its citizens. The medical care act shows that Prime Minister at the time Lester B Pearson has no intensions of making a profit from all the money that Canadians were paying for healthcare but had every intension of...
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