Public Health Issue

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In order to be a perfect student, you must maintain respectable work habits, follow all directions, and keep a super positive attitude towards getting your education. These qualities are the key in being any teacher’s textbook student. Good work habits ensure that all assignments are complete and turned in on time, while following directions ensures that you have a positive relationship your teachers. Studying is a must for the perfect student; taking the time to understand all material will definitely show in class, and often put you ahead in the game. A positive attitude toward learning shows your teachers that you appreciate his class and the material that is being taught. Being a perfect student means you are aware that keeping good work habits will benefit you. Quality work habits are highly important for your success. An important factor for this is being well organized because you must be able to handle papers, and store assignments in a place where they will be easily found. If you are not well organized, it will be hard to find things that are important, and you may be penalized for a late or missing assignment. For example, if you just jam all of your work into your book-bag it is likely that finding it that next week and even next day will be impossible. Praiseworthy work habits also include eliminating procrastination and replacing your bad habits with diligence and strong time management skills. A perfect student must be punctual in getting to class, as well as submitting assignments when they are due. Thorough completion, organization, and diligence all are excellent habits that will increase your productivity. A perfect student realizes this and will utilize it to his or her advantage. Following instructions is a very important skill for the perfect student to master. Following directions helps you to be favored by your teacher. It is always funny to watch the frustration on the teacher’s face, when a student asks how to do a task she has...
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