Public Health

Topics: Viral hemorrhagic fever, Yellow fever, Health care Pages: 3 (324 words) Published: May 6, 2015

Public Health
Michelle Payden-Wright
January 5, 2015
Christine Tredway
Public Health
How has the approach to public health changed over the last 200 years? Which events or movements in public health and epidemiology were most influential? Why?

There has been an enormous change in the way public health approaches health care over the past 200 years. There is an article in that discusses how 222 years ago in 1798 approximately “ten percent of the Philadelphia population was succumbed to Yellow Fever Virus” (Yeakel, 1998, para. 1). Yellow Fever virus came from Africa and the South American tropical areas; humans were bitten by mosquitos and traveled back to the United States and affected many people. In 1964-67, Max Theiler, Professor of Epidemiology and Public Health at Yale earned the Noble Prize for creating the vaccine for The Yellow Fever virus (Frierson, 2010). In 2014, Public Health had to deal with a similar epidemic called Ebola that also derived from West Africa. The Ebola virus has killed more than 5000 people, and affected more than twice that amount. This was one of the biggest scares that health care workers had to deal with in years; two nurses was affected from treating Liberian patient Thomas Duncan, who died from Ebola. The nurses were affected from the bodily fluids, both nurses survived after being quarantined for 21 days. Nurses today know to wash his or hands as well as use masks, gowns, and gloves when caring for infectious patients.

Frierson, J. G. (2010, June). The Yellow Fever Vaccine: A History. YJBM Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine, 83(2), 77-85. Retrieved from Yeakel, L. H. (1998, July). From Yellow Fever To Aids, Fighting For Public Health The Job Of The Service, Now 200 Years Old, Is Never Done., (),...
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