Public Funding Should Not Support Public Schools in Music and Arts

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  • Published : October 18, 2012
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English 301A
14 September 2012
Public Funding should not support Public Schools in Music and Arts Education is one of the major problems faced by US as a nation and several debates pertaining to allocation of education funds are underway. The use of public education funds is one such matter which is debated very highly. The consequences of public education fund’s spending are long-term which makes this issue very important. Also, limited availability of public funds makes it essential for these funds to be used in a manner which are more beneficial. The essays will discusses why public funds should not supporting arts and music education and the social impact. The cost of arts and music education in public school system is very high. Public schools need to buy musical instruments, and travel costs of school bands. Since, funds of public schools are the combined resources of the citizens of United States, allocation of these resources should only be made in those areas which are mutually agreed by all stakeholders to be essential for education. While, mathematics and science education are such mutually agreed areas, arts and music are not. School make arts and music education compulsory, even those students are compelled to allocate time and energies in a subject area in which they are not interested. We can eliminate music education from the curriculum of public schools; the educational system would enable students to focus on those subjects which are essential for professional success. The impact of arts and music education in public schools goes well beyond mere wastage of time and resource but also cause disturbances in other lesson. There have been reported cases in which teachers of other subjects have complained that the loud noises from drums and other musical instruments is causing immense disruption in their focus and diverts attention of their pupil from the lessons taught to them in the classroom. Also, trips of students pertaining to plays and...
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