Public Ethics

Chris Capandonis
Short Essay Responses
October 12, 2012
c. High Roads and Low Roads
Rohr describes the load road as an approach which emphasizes adherence to formal rules and regulations. Rohr argues that this type of approach simply places an understanding of what not to do in order to steer clear of trouble but not everyone has the same values so this is hard to measure. This approach does not assist an employee in providing a standard for what is truly ethical behavior. The High Road, according to Rohr, stresses the basis of results upon a pursuit for social equity, which is based upon political philosophy and humanistic psychology. The low and high roads both bring up issues and this is where regime values come into play. b. Regime Values

Rohr suggests that Regime Values are the most appropriate method for integrating the study of ethics into a public sector curriculum. He states regime values are not used in a journalistic sense like of the “Carter regime” or “Regan Regime,” rather it is used most appropriate as the English word to suggest what Aristotle meant by “polity.” The regime values refer to the values of that political entity that was brought into being by the ratification of the constitution that created the present American republic. Regime Values are based on three considerations. The first is that ethical norms should be derived from the salient values of the regime, next that these values are normative for bureaucrats because they have taken an oath to uphold the regime and lastly that these values can be discovered in the public law of the regime. If these methods of regime values are followed by bureaucrats and organizations are educated on the values then there will not be as many ethical dilemmas to be worried about. Chris Capandonis

Supreme Court Case Analysis
October 12, 2012
There have been many historic court cases that have significantly influenced and helped shape American history and make our republic what it...
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