Public Display of Affection in Upis

Topics: Public display of affection, Physical intimacy, Public space Pages: 36 (9119 words) Published: July 3, 2012
University of the Philippines Integrated School
Diliman, Quezon City

Public Display of Affection

Billones, Cysteine Babe
Cammayo, Pristine Mae
Lava, Jose Noel
Palomeno, Irish Paullen
Yabes, Jemima Grace

CA English 10
Prof. Ma. Lourdes Vargas
March 2012


Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Review of Related Literature
Chapter 3: Methodology
Chapter 4: Data Presentation and Analysis
Chapter 5: Conclusion

Appendix A: Research Proposal
Appendix B: Outline
Appendix C: Survey Questionnaire
Appendix D: List of Respondents
Appendix E: Tally Sheet
Appendix F: Transcriptions



Display of affection in public is an unacceptable act but still observed and practiced in the University of the Philippines Integrated School (UPIS). The present study sought to define public display of affection, enumerate cases that have been documented in UPIS and study the school’s rules and regulation on PDA. Interviews were conducted with the Assistant Principal for Administration and Chairman of the Student Welfare Committee and Guidance Counselor to study on how the administration responds to the issue. A survey questionnaire was also distributed to randomly selected 7-10 students to get their perspectives on PDA. Related results were shown which concludes that PDA is indeed observed and practiced in UPIS. The school’s rules and regulations towards PDA is not properly implemented which simply tells that PDA is an alarming issue and requires immediate solution from the faculty or administration.

Chapter 1

Public Displays of Affection (PDA) refers to the acts of intimate physical contact between pairs or groups of people engaged in a certain relationship. It can include anything from whispering to inappropriate touching. In a conservative country like the Philippines, PDA has unfortunately become a common observation, especially in schools. PDA nowadays is a usual but still an unaccepted act which has been a growing concern of the country. In the University of the Philippines Integrated School (UPIS), PDA is commonly observed. It is more alarming that PDA is mostly practiced by students from the lower levels of high school. It is a concern, aside from the mere fact that they start out young in engaging in PDA, because teachers, students, parents and other people who see these acts are offended by these. The objectives of this study were to define PDA and identify the factors that encourage the students to be engaged in such behavior. It further sought to find out its effects on people involved and those who observe PDA, study the school rules and regulations about PDA, and to know if these rules on PDA are effectively implemented in UPIS. Relevant data were gathered through survey questionnaires which were given to randomly selected students from Grades 7-10, teachers and staff. Documented cases of PDA were also included in the study. Interviews with the guidance counselor and faculty members were also conducted. Responses of the participants were tallied, arranged in tables and analyzed. The results of this study can be used for effective implementation of UPIS rules and regulations in Public Display of Affection and to give recommendations to students and faculty on handling these cases. Chapter 2


In a conservative country like the Philippines, public display of affection (PDA) is unfortunately becoming a growing concern. The big issue about this concern is not the act of displaying of affection itself but the lack of its concrete definition which is accepted by everyone (Seith, 2011). Perspectives toward PDA vary between and among different generations which cause PDA to be an issue, nonetheless, a problem. Especially between the 20th and 21st generations, PDA has become an issue due to, most probably, the increasing generation gap. The older ones have become alarmed by the lack of...
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