Public Discussion Is Media Battlefield

Topics: Argumentative, Logic, Argumentation theory Pages: 1 (352 words) Published: September 22, 2012
Discussion 1: Public discussions about controversial issues are turned into battles by the media. Public discussions about controversial issues are often turned into battles by the media. The media sometimes engages in logical fallacies that make the process of argumentation ineffective, like attacking ones character or using false analogies or generalizations, in order to keep a story headlined. In doing so, the public becomes distracted by issues not related to the argument and begins to argue about those issues instead. Arguing against or for the distraction hinders deliberation over the issue at hand. If no deliberation is achieved, no decision is made and no conclusion is reached. Instead, since the media guides the discussion away from its original beginning for rating, the media promotes an environment where the public becomes engaged in an argumentative circle until a more exciting issue is on the table and the process begins again. Thread 1

I agree that the media often persuades its audience and that the media should be in place to inform and not try to guide the public's opinions. This is referred to as "spinning" the news. In order for the media to inform solely and not spin the coverage, the public would need to take action against media sponsors and the purpose the sponsorship is aimed. Until this issue is addressed, it will be very unlikely that the public will be subjected to the truth alone. Thread 2

I agree that the media knows the public in general is attracted to chaos and that their intent is to entertain and keep the audience in a chaotic environment, thereby feed the chaos. However, I do not agree with the statement that we are all fools who falls for this type of thing all of the time. The question is whether we have a mind for what the media is attempting to do to us and if we are going to allow it to happen or not when we watch the news coverage. On average, your statement is very true and raises a key issue, which is addressing the...
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