Public Awareness and Human Disease

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  • Published : September 15, 2010
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Public Awareness and Human Diseases
University of Phoenix (Axia)
Instructor Lauretta Nester
By Crystal Blair
July 05, 2010

Everywhere a person looks, and everywhere a person’s eye can see, there are people struggling with being overweight or obese. Every year more and more people are diagnosed as being overweight or obese. For a person to be overweight is very common and most people know someone who is experiencing it or is experiencing being overweight themselves. The lack of knowledge people must have on the severe risks a body undergoes from being overweight or obese is harmful. More people should be educated on the foods they intake and the lack of exercise, and what all the harmful affects it has on the body. Obesity is a serious disease that can easily be avoided. Obesity can be fought by simply eating healthy and staying active. In America today, almost one person out of every three are considered to be obese This statistic does not include how many people are overweight and heading towards obesity. This disease is one that can target anybody anywhere. Although becoming obese can happen to anyone, it seems to hit the hardest in lower income families. In some cases there is genetic reasoning behind being obese. The main reason, or cause, that a person becomes obese is because the calorie intake consumed is greater than the body would burn on a normal day. The body stores the extra energy that it did not need to use, into fat. To put it in another way, food is energy for our bodies. If a person consumes 3500 Calories in a day and the body only needed to use 2000 calories of energy, it will be turned into fat that is stored in various places of the body. There are so many health risk factors associated with the disease obesity. To name a few risk factors in association with obesity there is high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, sleep apnea, arthritis, and severe depression. A person who is obese is...
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