Public and Private Sector Universities of Pakistan

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Prompt: Educational practices at public & private sector universities of Pakistan. Comparison & contrast between educational practices in Public &Private sector universities of Pakistan.

Even though educational practices prevailing in Pakistani Public and Private Universities lack uniformity and differ in many aspects but still their educational systems resemble each other to a great extent. Pakistan is one of the underdeveloped countries whose education system remained neglected for a few decades particularly the education at university level. But the situation turned out to be completely different after the establishment of Higher Education Commission of Pakistan in September 2002.Majib reported that “Between 2002 to 2007 fund allocated for Higher Education Commission were raised from 3.2 billion rupees to 33.7 Billion rupees” (9) . As a result of this increment in the education budget, rate of growth in public and private sector universities enhanced greatly. After establishment of HEC about 47 public and private sector universities came into being (Majid 9).Following are the facts and figure of the public and private universities working in Pakistan till 2008:

AJ&K 3 1 2
Baluchistan 7 5 2
Islamabad 17 143
Northern Areas 1 1 0
NWFP 22 13 9
Punjab 3620 16
Sindh 38 13 25
Total 124 67 57
(HEC 2008)

Public and private sector...
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