Public Administration Concepts

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  • Published : September 28, 2012
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What, There's a Test in the Testing Center?
Test One 2011

Week One
What is Public Administration and Why Should I Care?
-- What's the big deal about working for the government?
Lecture: Defining PA – What it IS, What it Isn't
Lecture: Woodrow Wilson, the Father of American Public Administration Readings
Definitions lists on pages 2-3
Three Orthogonal Lists by Graham Allison (handout)
Reading on Public Administration by Woodrow Wilson in Stillman Working for the Government is Cool by Garth Cook (handout)

Week Two
The Study of Public Administration—
Lecture: Max Weber and the Beauty of Bureaucracy
Reading on Bureaucracy by Max Weber in Stillman
Case - Yellowstone Bears from Backpacker Magazine (handout)

Week Three
September 11 and Public Administration
Case – Catastrophe and Public Service by Cohen (handout) Case - American Ground: Unbuilding the World Trade Center in Stillman

Week Four
Progressives, Politics and Pragmatism—
Lecture: Progressivism and Pragmatism, Two Philosophies that Shape American Public Administration Readings
Article on Pragmatism by Patricia Shields (handout)
One pager on pragmatism by Lisa Zanetti (handout)
Case - Who Brought Bernadine Healy Down? in Stillman

Week Five
Policy Development and the Continuing Policy Cycle – Incrementalism and Implementation Reading 8 by Charles Lindblum in Stillman, p. 215.
Case - Expectations in Stillman

I’d Study if I Were You!
There are always questions on the test that have not been covered in class, but are a part of the text of your readings PowerPoint Outlines
On the Website. ( ) A very effective back-up for your notes. Lectures:
Be familiar enough with your lectures on Wilson and Weber, progressives and pragmatism, incrementalism and implementation to fill in blanks or answer detailed questions....
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