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Unit 5 – Physical Preparation for the Public Services

Preparation for Assignment 4 – Assessing your fitness needs

Name:________Sezer Demirci_________________________________________ Date:

You need to consider the following information before you draw up your fitness programme:

1. What are your personal goals?

To become a successful pro bodybuilder and work in the fitness industry to help others with their health and fitness.

2. Are there any lifestyle factors that might positively or negatively affect your training? Are there any habits that you should cut down on or encourage to improve your performance?

The lifestyle factors that affect my training in a positive way is that I’m highly motivated to achieve my goals and that I know that must not quit no matter how many times a fail. I must keep constant and watch my diet very closely.

3. Is there anything in your medical history that may affect your fitness? How can you address this to ensure that your train sensibly and safely?

There is not any medical history that would stop or injure me from training.

4. How much physical activity do you currently do? Will your training programme involve a significant increase in activity, or will it be fairly similar to your current level of activity? If you will be significantly increasing the amount of exercise you do, explain how you will gradually build the intensity of your training to avoid injury or loss of motivation.

Currently I’m training 5 times a week. My schedule is designed to bulk up as it’s a bodybuilder’s programme which involves me working with heavy weights and exercises that concentre certain part of the muscle in order for it to grow. I would grade fully build up as I would be increasing the weights off the exercise every month, as this would help get motivated and feel strong as I would believe that I am achieving and the results I’m getting keep...
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