Pttls - Rights and Responsibilities

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Task 1 – Part 1 – Bobbie Ruddy

How could a teacher/tutor establish and maintain a safe and supportive learning environment for their learners? What methods and approaches could be used to do this? Explain what a teacher/tutor could do to promote appropriate behaviour and respect for others.

I have been asked to demonstrate that I can clearly answer the above questions using my own insight, research and motes from my first PTTLS session with Sally Welsh. I hope to show clearly that I grasp this concept clearly and accurately and can do exactly as asked in a classroom environment.

I believe that a teacher or tutor from the outset has to lay out ground rules to the classroom. This has been further underlined after my fist PTTLS session with my own tutor Sally. I saw how she used a simple ice breaking task to ease any anxiety amongst her learners and this in turn made her learners including myself more relaxed positive.

It is important that the learners agreed a upon a classroom contract as such where they are all in agreement that there is no crossover between a professional and personal boundary. It is imperative that the teacher or tutor empower the learner to take control of their learning journey, letting the learner take control of their environment. The teacher/tutor role is to impart their knowledge whilst making the classroom a safe and rewarding environment.

Making it absolutely clear from the outset what acceptable and unacceptable behaviour can and will be tolerated and getting a unanimous agreement where the learner is left under no illusion what constitutes a safe environment. Every learner is different, a blank canvas if you wish and it is so important that each learner is treated with the same respect and given equal opportunities to make the classroom and the session as rewarding as possible for both the learner and the teacher/tutor.

Examples of a safe learning environment may be that no questions are off limits, there is no silly question. It may be that a question one learner askes is something the majority was thinking but was too shy to ask.

In my own sessions I will be welcoming to insightful contribution, I will encourage participation making the sessions as interactive and positive as possible. It is fundamentally vital that the learners are part of something bigger than a learning exercise, to have any success with promoting positive behaviours, this starts at the beginning.

A good teacher starts with drawing on the group to make clear what the lesson plan is going to entail, it is then up to the teacher/tutor to manager the group’s expectations including what a safe and supportive learning environment is. This then cascades in to the delivery of the session. The teacher has to be effective in implementing the classroom ‘contract’ in a personable and professional manner. In most cases I would assume adult learning dictates that it is exactly that, ‘ADULT’ learning and therefore manage the environment and the wellbeing of the group.

Task 1 Part 2 – Bobbie Ruddy

Roles and Responsibilities.

* What are the main roles and responsibilities of a teacher/tutor in the Lifelong Learning sector? * How does promoting equality and valuing diversity impact on the roles and responsibilities? * What are the professional boundaries which should be maintained?

The main roles and responsibilities of a teacher/tutor in the lifelong learning sector is comes down to the efficiency of a well-planned teaching and learning cycle as demonstrated in my first PTTLS session in Hockley with Sally Welsh.

Assessing Learners needs
Depending on the session, the numbers in the group and resources to hand I would initially assess my learner’s needs and adapt my implementation as necessary. There may be an interview prior to the course, the learner may be required to demonstrate that they have an interest in the session, can participate to the required standard and more importantly why...
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