Pttls Assignment.Roles and Responsibilities of a Teacher

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As a trainee teacher in the learning environment, I believe that a good teacher is more than a lecturer. We each adapt different 'roles' in everyday life that change within a situation. Therefore we all have numerous roles in life. In today`s society the role of a teacher has many facets. With roles also come responsibilities for safeguarding the learning of the students as well as introducing equality into the learning environment, which give equal right to the learners making it a well rounded and successful learning journey. It is true that the main point of a teacher is to deliver adequate teaching methods and materials, as mentioned in the book "Learning matters" that the key purpose of a teacher is to create effective and stimulating opportunities for learning that enables the development of all students. It is not the only purpose of a teacher. There are many more equally important roles of a teacher that will be discussed today. Incorporated into this essay will also be the responsibilities that come with the roles of a teacher.

In the lifelong learning sector there are two types of teachers, a full-time teacher and an associate teacher. Both types need to be aware of all the specific legislations .These are briefly described as follows:

It covers children and young adults (from roughly the age of 19-24) and those with disabilities. A helpful acronym to remember is SHEEP. Every child should stay safe, healthy, enjoy/achieve, economic, positive contribution. I have to make sure that my students are keeping healthy by staying away from drugs and alcohol and stay physically fit. Also I will make sure that they enjoy their learning process and make contribution in positive activities like charity works and social welfare.

Data protection act 1998
The 1998 Data Protection Act came into force early in 1999 and covers how the information about living identifiable persons is used. It is much broader in scope than the earlier...
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