Pttls Assignment 1 Roles and Responsibilties

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Terri Lofthouse
Preparing to Teach in the Life Long Learning Sector
Explain what your role, responsibilities and boundaries would be as a teacher:-

The role of a teacher is diverse and multifactorial; Francis and Gould (2009) suggest that the role of a teacher is not simply to be an evaluator but also to be a subject leader, curriculum developer, assessor, verifier and role model. Alternatively I suggest that the role and responsibilities of a teacher whilst multi variant are rooted in equality, diversity, inclusion, reflective learning, evaluation and progress. The role of a yoga teacher is to promote physical, mental and emotional support through postures and breathing techniques which assists students with their personal progression. Individual autonomy is paramount. It is necessary to be aware that the physical ability of a yoga teacher should not be affected by ones ego, the role is not to simply demonstrate advanced postures or techniques but to align with the group’s ability. The role is to collaborate, reflect and see the potential benefits of being a teacher.

B.K Iyengar (2000) argues.

“As a yoga teacher it is easy to allow the ego to take over, being able to wrap your legs around your neck or do a head stand for one hour does not permit the student to keep up, the opposite may occur, where self doubt crushes the students the learning experience is lost and the teacher fails to teach.”

As a yoga teacher I have a responsibility especially in the lifelong learning sector to be aware of my reflective learning experience through personal progression and continuous professional development It is also necessary to evaluate my contributions within the organization I am working in, maintain records and encourage student and peer feedback.

I have a personal responsibility to ensure that correct postures are maintained and student health and safety is adhered to within class. Certain boundaries such as pregnancy, old age or ill health must be identified before any class commences. As a yoga teacher I should ask questions concerning such issues, identify, overcome, conclude and commence the class with practical and suitable solutions. I should use props, belts or cushions to overcome boundaries such as old age or pregnancy. I should be aware of student sensibilities regarding spiritual practice and expect emotional reactions such as crying or anger. Whilst this is common I should not allow this to become a barrier or hindrance in the class. Whilst guidance is part of a teachers function I must adhere to suitable parameters in such a way which enhances the learning experience for each student allowing the student to learn independently. It is necessary to be aware that records and assessments should be clearly marked and be easily accessible should another teacher teach my class. This ensures that the teacher is correctly signposted to the needs and problems of the new group and that I have alluded to correct procedures which protect the teacher, student and organization.

In conclusion the role of a yoga teacher is to be a subject leader, pass on knowledge, promote diversity, equality, health and acknowledge different learning styles within the lifelong learning sector.

The Job and What's Involved
Yoga strives to achieve a union between mind, body and spirit. It has been developed over thousands of years to promote good health and inner peace. Yoga teachers may instruct group classes or give one-to-one tuition. There are various different types of yoga. The most widely practiced is hatha yoga, a combination of relaxation and breathing practices co-ordinated with moving into and out of various postures. Yoga exercises are low impact but they can also be strenuous. Yoga can be taught as a form of exercise to increase physical fitness and suppleness, or as a therapy to combat or control disease and ill health. Yoga teachers devise lesson plans, which can be adapted for different...
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