Pttls Assignment 007

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Assignment 007

Assignment overview
Unit 007: Principles of assessment in
lifelong learning

There are three learning outcomes to this unit:
1. Understand types and methods of assessment used in lifelong learning 2. Understand ways to involve learners in the assessment process 3. Understand requirements for keeping records of assessment in lifelong learning

Each learning outcome contains assessment criteria against which the candidate will be assessed. For more information on the unit outline and assessment criteria please refer to the qualification handbook.

Assignment coverage

Task| | Evidence required| | Assessment criteria covered| A| | Guidance document| | 1.2, 1.3|
B| | Short-answer| | 1.1|
| | Questions| | 2.1, 2.2|
| | | | 3.1, 3.2|


Task AGuidance document

There is a new teacher in your team who is finding it difficult to fully appreciate the range of assessment methods available and how to use them.

Produce a guidance document which explains all the relevant points for the best use of assessment methods in lifelong learning, and include:

a) an explanation of six assessment methods, identifying when and how they would be used (ref. 1.2)

b) a clear explanation of four of those assessment methods that are the most appropriate to your skill specific area, with a comparison of their strengths and limitations for meeting individual learner needs. (ref. 1.3)

Task BShort-answer questions

Complete the short-answer questions.

Task a

A Practical assessment method is a “Hands on” way of assessing learner’s abilities. It shows that a learner can complete a pre-specified task in practical terms given the right guidance, tools and equipment. An example of this is it would be a good tool for learners with disabilities such as dyslexia or -------- who may find only academic(written) testing difficult. Also it would be beneficial when the subject matter has been discussing a technical subject.


Under this approach, the learner is required to hand in a piece of written work on the basis of an assignment or a case study. Possible formats are:- a paper on a specific course topic, a case study report, a report on a practical assignment, etc. Written assignments allow the lecturer or assistant to assess the content-related competencies as well as the writing skills of the learner. The learner may also be given an opportunity to defend the written assignment orally as part of the final assessment. This could promote Demonstration or development of higher level thinking writing, oral presentation and let the instructor Observe collaborative and interpersonal skills.

3.Role Play

Role-playing activities help introduce student to “real-world” situations (Oberle, 2004). Van Ments (1983) identified three general advantages to role-playing Activities they are positive and safe in dealing with attitudes and feelings, they provide a Safe venue for expressing personal and sometimes unpopular attitudes and opinions, and Role-playing is highly motivating as the majority of students enjoy these types of Activities and become more inspired learners. This method could be used in a group setting that based around a subject matter where playing out specific details helps open the learners mind in to ‘how and why’ the events occurred.

4. Questions
Questions can take many formats and be either oral or written. Examples of questions used in assessing learners understanding are directed questions, call out questioning etc. These can challenge your learner’s potential and could help test critical arguments or thinking and reasoning skills. This could be used as an informal session to find out the academic level of the learners or as an initial assessment before producing the lesson plan. Open questioning is a quick and easy way of assessing learners understanding at the end of a topic or subject within a larger...
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