Pttls 4 Q1

Topics: Psychology, Education, Profession Pages: 2 (749 words) Published: July 4, 2011
Theory Assignment – PTTLS Level 4
Review, summarise my own roles, responsibilities and boundaries of role in relation to teaching

In reviewing and summarising my own role, responsibility and boundaries in relation to Teaching, I will be reflecting and discussing my own methods and how they impact on my Teaching.

My role and responsibility as a teacher is firstly and most importantly, is to ensure I adhere to ‘Institute for learning’s 2008 code of practice. The Institute for Learning’s code of Professional Practice came into force on 1 April 2008. The Code was developed by the Profession for the profession and it outlines the behaviours expected of members – for the Benefit of learners, employers, the profession and the wider community’. (ILF – Institute for Learning) www.member.ifl/membership/professional-standards/code-of-professional-conduct The code of practice is there to ensure that teachers meet their professional responsibilities. There are seven behavioural codes within the code of professional practice, professional Integrity, respect, reasonable care, professional practice, criminal offence disclosure, Responsibility during Institute Investigations and responsibility to the Institute Should a member of the profession breach the code of professional practice, there are four Sanctions which can be applied. The teacher could receive a reprimand, a conditional Registration order, a suspension order or even an expulsion order. Therefore any breach of The professional conduct code could have serious implications for the teacher and may even Result in the Loss of their right to teach.

Alongside of the code of professional conduct the teacher has other important Responsibilities to consider also which are paramount when teaching learners. I believe my Role and responsibility as a teacher is to also, ensure I have created a learning environment That caters for a diverse range of learners. Immediately before the course starts I will carry Out a risk...
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