Topics: Posttraumatic stress disorder, High school, Emotion Pages: 2 (840 words) Published: March 24, 2013
My Personal Experience that Changed my Life
I have had a hard life, just like everyone else. My experiences have made me smarter, stronger, and wiser. Since I had begun high school in 2009, it has been a very long journey and a tough struggle. Freshman year was the hardest year I have had to deal with in my lifetime. I hope with reading this you will understand why I choose this to write about, and how hard it really was for me to deal with. In 2009; my freshman year of high school I was assaulted on campus, during school hours. I struggled with my emotions, education, and my ability to trust people from that point on.

One of the hardest parts to really take in and deal with on my own was my emotional state. I couldn’t completely understand how someone could be so over powering of another person. It was also very hard for me to grasp how someone could take advantage of someone on the property of somewhere a child or student is supposed to feel secure and safe from harm. I had no one who would listen, believe my story, or who could truly understand what I was feeling. So began the saga of how I come to believe in myself and know that I would not let someone else take over my life.

I have always struggled with school since the day I had been through my traumatic experience. I went from being a normal kid in public school to being a loner in home school, to then beginning on a program that was called homebound, to then again being forced into public school again. Education has always been important to me and with this event that interrupted my life in this way and many more I knew that my education was even more important for myself. One day searching the internet for alternative school I found what I believe to be the best thing for me and my future, Penn Foster. I have now been thriving as well as I can do, and hope to soon hold what I have dreamed of for years, my high school diploma.

Another issue that evolved from my experience was my ability to...
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