Topics: Suicide, Posttraumatic stress disorder, Mental disorder Pages: 4 (1329 words) Published: February 26, 2013
The sounds and chaos associated with being on the battlefield overseas are enough to consume and overwhelm even the best trained, most prepared military personnel. While serving to protect our country and being put in harms way everyday, these military men and women must endure things that leave sights, smells, and sounds that never leave even when they finally are sent back home. These permanent memories such as the shouting of soldiers, the screams of pain and agony, the sounds of gunshots and explosions going off all around, and even the horrible smell of dead rotting flesh from fallen comrades and enemies have a tendency to haunt military personnel long after they have left the battlefield. These horrifying memories begin to consume the everyday lives of those who have returned from deployment; they must deal with the terrifyingly realistic nightmares that make sleeping at night hard to do with the constant fear of yet another nightmare in which they must relive something they would rather forget. Every person who returns home from deployment does not undergo the same issues, for some its financial struggles, for others it is the nightmares and flashbacks that haunt them, and for others it is the relationship problems, these things add up and can ultimately lead to suicide. The Veterans Administration needs to do more to help these soldiers suffering from PTSD, with the added help it may decrease the negative effects of the war and change the suicide rate among military men and women.

Living with Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can take a toll on ones life. For returning soldiers it can lead to many financial struggles. Costs alone for the first two years after deployment for a military veteran can add up to more than “6.2 billion dollars.” (Tanielian & Jaycox) Most of this comes from loss of work productivity, while the rest comes from one having to be out of work due to medical issues, lack of job openings, or one not knowing how to apply...
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