Ptlls L 4 Q 1

Topics: Education, Discrimination, Teacher Pages: 2 (598 words) Published: December 17, 2012
Assessment Question 1.

Being a teacher on any field requires that the person him or herself needs to be a fully trained professional. It requires that the teacher is continuously seeking for ways to improve or keep his/her knowledge up to date. The Teaching and Learning Cycle is an effective tool what can be taken into consideration as a guideline or aid when working as a teacher/trainer. All of its steps are clearly identifying those points what are important in teaching. - Identifying needs: The course or the students require any special needs, learning style. What are the student’s motivations. Previous educational experience, etc. - Plan & Design: It’s about the course - course or session length, syllabus, teaching methods, etc. - Delivering the course - Assess: formal and informal assessments. - Evaluation of the course from the point of view of the students and the teacher/trainer This cycle goes on and on all the time. From my point of view, teachers must be not just professionally prepared but they have to be role models as well. This can be achieved when teachers taking their role and their responsibilities seriously as they have a huge affect on other people’s life. Therefore taking these into consideration the main roles and responsibilities are the following: - Being prepared and up to date with knowledge means that teachers can deliver subject effectively. - With continuos communication towards students, teachers can evaluate student’s needs and can identify strengths and weakness what can lead to additional learning and practices if needed. When this is done, students receive necessary and appropriate support from their teachers according to their needs. - When preparing any environment (classroom, school, outdoor environment, etc.) for a learning “facility” certain health and safety considerations must be followed to be able to provide a safe and comfortable environment for learning. - With appropriate preparation - using proper training...
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