Ptlls Unit 12

Topics: Assessment, Educational psychology, Formative assessment Pages: 3 (730 words) Published: April 15, 2012
Unit 012 Principles Of Assessment In Lifelong Learning.

When teaching it is necessary assess the progress of the learner. As such it is important that the student understands the criteria against which they will be assessed and important for the teacher to use different methods of assessment and keep accurate records to track the progress of the student.

Different Types Of Assessment.
There are three main types of assessment and each has their place. An initial assessment at the beginning of a course or session is used to gauge a learner’s prior knowledge. A formative assessment is an on-going assessment to measure or reflect upon progress being made. Finally a summative assessment is required at the end of a course or session to measure success, this could take the form of a test or exam.

Different Methods Of Assessment.
Assessment methods vary greatly and each have their own strengths and weaknesses. A test or questioning would be two good initial assessments as they can be used to gauge how much prior knowledge a learner has. They could also be used as formative assessments comparing the answers to the learner’s earlier answers to measure how far they have progressed. An observation makes for a good formative or summative assessment as it gives the learner the opportunity to demonstrate the skills and or knowledge they have gained, the drawback of an observation however is that the natural behaviour of anything being observed is likely to be altered by the observation. Assignments are another method of assessment, again they give the opportunity for the learner to demonstrate knowledge and can be used either as a formative or summative assessment. However they can be very intimidating if the learner struggles with putting concepts into words. Historically exams were used as a means of summative assessment, when organised correctly an exam is difficult to cheat and a good way to measure knowledge, the drawback however is that not...
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