Ptlls Unit 001

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Roles, responsibilities and relationships in lifelong learning

As a trainer it is most important that I have the current knowledge of all legislation, regulatory requirement and code of practices, relating to Construction work activity and health and safety.

Health and Safety is the key piece of legalisation for my area. The Health and Safety at Work Act (1974). This Act provides a framework for ensuring the health and safety of all employees in any work activity. It also provides for the health and safety of anyone who may be affected by work activities for example employees, visitors to work sites, including members of the public and other contractors. (

Keeping up to date is crucial with health and safety matters, these are easily obtainable from the HSE Website and other online resources. One way in which I would review Health and Safety would be to complete and review risk assessments of work activities, this would indicate areas needing attention, this would include the testing requirements of all plant and equipment that would be used to carry out any works, The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER) requires, every employer to ensure that work equipment is suitable for the purpose for which it is provided, (

I would supply my learners with suitable and adequate information on safety while in the facility utilised for the training, this would include fire exits and emergency fire procedures muster points etc within the building. Learners must cooperate to provide a safe and healthy work area. Observation is paramount in a working environment such as in an office or on a construction site, an example of this would be reporting obstructions and poor housekeeping which is the main reason for slips and trips, covered by The Management of Health and Safety at work Regulations (1999); to maintain and improve safe working conditions. This includes training to ensure competency and continual monitoring of risk that could cause harm on an on-going basis, known as risk assessment..

Training would be given on correct use of protective clothing and equipment. Manual handling techniques, working at height and many other subjects related to working In the construction industry, all persons employed must wear PPE when at work, this includes learners (trainees and apprentices) The Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations (PPE) 1992, This legislation requires employers to identify through a risk assessment activities which require special protective equipment (gloves, safety glasses, safety boots etc) to be worn or used. PPE should be supplied free of charge by the employer.

Compliance with the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002 is very important, this is designed to consider the substances used and assess possible hazard to risk. In the construction industry many substances are used; an assessment on each one would be carried out: all substances must be labelled, stored and handled correctly to avoid incidents and injury. These regulations (often known as the COSHH regulations) require employers to assess and prevent (or at least monitor and adequately control) the risks to health from the use of hazardous substances used in the workplace. A hazardous substance is one which has, ‘’by law’’ to be labelled as 'very toxic', 'toxic', 'harmful', 'irritant' or 'corrosive'. It therefore includes many chemical substances. (

Other legalisation beneficial to me;

The Data Protection Act (1998), this governs the protection of personal data. When the employees are carrying out internal training, we have a secure office building: ‘Confidential information on employees and trainees should be available to persons to whom consent has been given. Make sure you protect people’s personal details by storing records confidentially in a secure place.

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