Ptlls Unit 001

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Roles, Responsibilities and Relationships in Lifelong Learning

Samantha White

Unit 1

Mrs Christine Scrivens

10th December 2012

Roles, Relationships and Responsibilities in Lifelong Learning

As a teacher I have many different roles and responsibilities. I must provide effective teaching to my learners, supporting them in all aspects throughout their learning journey . 1.1 Summarise key aspects of legislation, regulatory requirements and codes of practice relating to own role and responsibilities These are both acts and regulations that as a tutor I need to be aware of and comply with. Below is a summary of how each act will impact on my role as a tutor. Health and Safety Act at Work Act 1974:

I have a duty of care to ensure the health, safety and welfare of my learners . To do this I must ensure that the environment is safe, by way of an assessment, cheaking that there are no trailing wires or anything that could be a trip or slip hazard. Ensuring that all equipment is fit for purpose and providing adequate light and heating. Also to make the learners aware of any possible hazards, making sure every precaution is taken and that the learners co-operate.

The Equality Act 2010 (incorporating previous equality legislation on disability, race, special needs, sexuality, age and employment equality): The point of this is that learning should be accessible to all regardless of race, disability, sexuality etc. As a tutor I must treat every person with respect allow them the very best opportunity to learn.

The Data Protection Act 1998:
Under this act I must ensure that all personal and confidential information is collated and stored appropriately. It must not be accessible by anyone other than authorised personnel. This can be ensured by storing any physical files in locked storage and all electronic information is password protected. Whilst collecting and processing such information it is important to be aware of your surrounding and remember to keep such papers separate to ensure confidentiality is maintained and information protected. The Human Rights Act 1998:

This act protects the rights of every man, woman and child to be free and equal in dignity and rights. As a tutor it means my learners rights to respect and privacy need to be adhered to as well as refraining from being judgmental.

The Freedom of Information Act 2000:
This act gives a general right of public access to all types of ‘recorded’ information held by public authorities. As it only applies to ‘public authorities’ it does not impact greatly on my role in administration within a private company, but I would actively encourage my learners to seek out any information they require to help them.

Codes of Practice:
Codes of Practice tend to be more of a guideline and are not legally binding, but as a tutor I will register with the Institute for Learning and as such it is regarded as unprofessional to not comply. It is always a good reference to ensure that as a professional I remain current and maintain or exceed expected standards.

1.2 Explain own responsibilities for promoting equality and valuing diversity As a tutor it is my ‘duty to actively promote’ equality of opportunity. Equality in education is not about treating everyone the same; it is about creating the equal opportunity for everyone to access learning. Diversity is about embracing people’s differences, such as knowledge, skills and experiences. By encouraging and utilising these differences you broaden the learning experience.

1.3 Explain own role and responsibilities in lifelong learning The best example of this is the Teaching Cycle, to teach in lifelong learning than this should be followed at all times in order to fulfil your duties as a teacher. I must provide continuous assessment for both groups and individuals, constructive feedback and accurately record all information throughout...
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