Ptlls Task - Groundrules

Topics: Agreement, Education, Debate Pages: 3 (889 words) Published: February 12, 2013
Establishing a safe and supportive learning environment

When thinking about establishing an environment conducive to learning and developing there are many issues to consider, from personality to physical needs, everyone must be involved, engaged and protected. Within this assignment I will examine how to set up and maintain ground rules or learning agreements that underpin behaviour and respect for each other throughout the learning journey.

Planning your session

There are many different techniques available to begin a teaching session or training course. The most commonly used are called Ice Breakers and they aim to do exactly that. Ice Breakers can vary from general self introductions around the group to physical team tasks; it is the responsibility of the teacher/tutor to assess the group and the individuals within it. Ice breakers are important because they give a sense of togetherness and can support individuals who may be nervous or shy. Ice breakers can also be the gateway to setting up ground rules or creating a learning agreement within your group. The importance of a ground rules is relative to the individuals within a specific group, some people require a clear set of rules while others prefer to go with the flow of the session, again it is the teachers responsibility to tailor the session and the rules to the group in question. There are certain topics that must be discussed such as Health and Safety.

Working Together

“Good teacher-student relationships are based on mutual respect. The student should respect the teacher’s teaching skills, knowledge, personal qualities and professionalism and the teacher should respect each student as an individual and their attempts to learn”

With this quote in mind I feel that when setting up learning agreements the most effective techniques require full involvement of the group from inception to completion. The...
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