Ptlls Roles and Responsibilities

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Roles & Responsibilities

Hello Deborah and fellow PTLLS students... Just thought I'd introduce myself to you all prior taking part in the discussion forums.  My name is Britt. I'm looking forward to this journey of self development and discovery and meeting you all albeit electronically.  And hopefully in person next weekend.  I'd like to wish you all luck and success. 

Now to the question,
What do you believe your role to be as a teacher? 

I see the role of a teacher as someone who wears many hats.  Health & Safety Officer, Administrator, Assessor, Mentor, Facilitator and much more.... A teacher has a duty of care for his/her students whether it is on a one to one basis or a group.  Follow codes of good practice and organisational policies. To deliver adequate teaching methods/materials and mark given tasks appropriately. To be able to review teaching methods and continue to self review aswel as the needs of students. To be able to conduct a lesson in a safe, respectful environment whilst making the lesson as interesting and interactive to all participants.  With the desired result being that everyone will leave the lesson with more knowledge and a better understanding of the subject.

What responsibilities do you feel you should be asked to take on in adult education?

The above answer also applies here.  But I'd like to add by saying some responsibilities may be handed over to the adult.  It may be necessary to modify the delivery to adults. It would be a good idea to gain as much information about the adult group to ascertain their depth of knowledge and any other barriers which may have to be overcome or taken into consideration. Communication is key to teaching, making the learning experience a positive rewarding one.  The following qualities could go a long way to helping:

Honesty - Positive - Encouraging - Communicate - Involve - Listen - Constructive Feedback - Support - Assess - Set clear aims and objectives - Make it fun - Resources -...
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