Ptlls-Ground Rules

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I will assume that I teach Italian for beginners in a Community Centre to a group of adults aged between 40-65 years. In my first class and after introducing myself, I would give students the opportunity to introduce themselves. I would outline the course: its objectives and goals. Finally, I would seek to establish ground rules. Ground rules are important because, once set and accepted by learners, they create a framework for shared classroom conduct and expected behaviour. Establishing ground rules from the outset can ensure a smooth learning process. Examples of ground rules are: to be on time; to switch off mobile phones during lessons; to respect equipment; not to interrupt one another; to speak one at a time; not to engage in disrespectful or offensive behaviour towards the teacher and/or other classmates; to respect people’s opinions. There are different recognised methods for establishing ground rules. These range from the teacher imposing them on learners, to students agreeing and creating their own rules. As my students are all adults, the latter would be my preferred method. The only rules I would set myself would be those relating to Health and Safety in the classroom since they are the responsibility of the teacher. I would begin by explaining what ground rules are for: to create a safe, positive learning environment ; to ensure open and ordered discussion; to promote team work; to avoid unnecessary conflict while encouraging debate. I would then divide the students in two groups. The first group would be given the task of drawing up a list of acceptable forms of behaviour. The second group would be invited to draw up a list of improper modes of conduct. The two lists would then be shown to the whole class. Students would be asked to consider their contents and to vote on those appropriate for the class. In the event of disagreement or the omission of some essential ground rules, I would invite students to reconsider them further until consensus...
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