Ptlls - Explain Ways of How to Embed Functional Skills Into Your Specialist Area

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  • Published : January 3, 2012
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Explain ways to embed elements of Functional Skills in your specialist area.

Registering Births, Deaths and Marriages requires use of all the functional skills so it is vitally important for me as the tutor to embed these within the teaching session. During my micro teach session I used a variety of methods to introduce different functional skills to the learners. For example, I spoke about the history of registration and how a fine of £2 was introduced in 1875 for people who didn’t register their children’s births. As the annual salary was about £40 per year it gave the students an idea of what proportion of their salary the fine was. By producing a PowerPoint presentation for my teaching session, printing off and giving out handouts I was able to embed literacy into the lesson. The learners were able to read the presentation as the session unfolded and were also able to take the literature home for future perusal. Also, by using PowerPoint I was embedding ICT into the session as well. I introduced an activity within the session where, split into two groups, the students had to identify the key information required by a Registrar prior to birth registration. This promoted group discussion and the sharing of ideas afterwards which meant the use of language by all students and feedback to the tutor. By giving a time limit for the group discussions this was also embedding numeracy. For future sessions there are many ways of embedding these key skills into the sessions. For example, there will be sessions on common misspelt names and words, use of the internet based computer system, basic introductions to service users and end of day accounting systems.
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