Ptlls Course Meeting the Needs of Learners

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Meeting needs of learners

Students have different learning needs, and as a training provider I need to identify these needs, as when you pay attention to students needs (within reason, and on a professional basis that I am qualified to do so ) ,your student will work to the best of there ability, and their learning experience with you will be a positive one.

Students also have a better commitment when they have an active part, in deciding goals, and they are told what the time scale is to reach the goals, and identifying criteria for assessing goals.

All students that enrol with us are given enrolment questionnaires ,this helps us build a data base for student, and helps identify the students experience, and any qualifications they may hold. The questionnaire also has a basic Math and English competency question, to allow us to establish any areas we may need to be able to address and help the student with. We also ask if they have any computer skills and at what level.

All students are then asked to meet with me personally so I can welcome them to the course, and put them at ease, it also allows me and the student to establish, their individual targets and goals, by the student having in put into there learning, it makes the student feel involved and makes the course when broken down achievable for them..

We have regular feed back sessions which helps the student identify an areas they feel weaker in or are not entirely happy with, which allows a plan of action to be implemented and then a follow up feed back to assess how the student is progressing. With regular feedback sessions students are encouraged and it helps them develop their skills.
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