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‘Functional skills are essential skills in English, mathematics and ICT that enable everyone to deal with the practical problems and challenges of life – at home, in education and at work. They are essential to all our lives. For example, they help us recognise good value deals when making purchases, in writing an effective application letter, or when using the internet to access local services or online banking. They are about using English, mathematics and ICT in everyday situations’. ( )

Task 1: Numeracy and ICT

Numeracy – lesson plan and task

The lesson’s topic was 2D shapes. The students were asked to focus on the 1 digit numbers and add them as quickly as possible as a warmer/recap of previous learning. After discussing real life places and their shapes, the students look at more shapes and have to tell the teacher how many corners and sides they have. The students then had to name the correct shape with its number of sides and corners.

The teacher then asked the students, in pairs, to measure classroom items from a list and they were asked to think about how they could find out the length of sides they weren’t able to reach using multiplication and addition and then had to check their answers with other pairs. At the end of the lesson the ss had to answer questions about which tables they thought would fit better in the room. There was also some ICT embedded in this lesson where students were allowed to use the internet to access a shapes quiz.

The first activity included focusing on the 1 digit numbers and adding them together, this embedded addition at the beginning of the lesson. Students then had to identify the number of corners and sides the shapes have, this embedded counting in relation to 2D shapes and the number of lines in each shape. The students also had to measure classroom items, this embedded numeracy skills which could be useful when students are moving or buying new furniture or when buying clothes. This proved a valuable lesson for students to learn basic number addition, 2D shape recognition and the ability to measure items in a room, which is essential for basic continued development of numeracy. The measuring items task reinforced the learning of addition and was extended by using this to introduce multiplication when students were asked how they would find the length of items they couldn’t reach.

ICT – lesson plan and task

The lesson’s focus was on photography concepts, techniques and vocabulary. Firstly, the students were asked to look at photos and think about how they made them feel, they then discussed their photos with other students saying why they chose the photo. The students then had to complete a matching task, where they were asked to match the photography words with the meaning and write their answers on the board.

After the teacher has checked the answers the students learn some more photography vocabulary and the teacher teaches some rules on photography techniques. The students, in pairs, are then asked to go and take 20 pictures using the rules they have just learnt and then upload these onto computers. They then insert 5 pictures onto a PowerPoint presentation and insert text to explain choices giving reference to the rules the students learned about, the students then present their slides whilst other students listen out for key vocabulary learned earlier and ask one question about other people’s choice of photo.

The students were asked to create PowerPoint presentation using images they had to have using a camera and upload onto the computer. The ICT skills they developed were uploading images and saving them onto a computer and using PowerPoint functions and formatting, all of which will be useful in enhancing the student’s ability to use a computer or create a PowerPoint presentation for future work or educational purposes. The student’s will also find uploading...
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