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Topics: Teacher, Education, Lifelong learning Pages: 8 (2145 words) Published: December 3, 2012
Preparing for Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector

Assignment No 1

Roles, Responsibilities & Relationships in Lifelong Learning

By Mark Britten


Appreciation is given to the teachers and staff of Stafford College, for information, structure and teaching practices as discussed throughout the learning periods attended so far. Thanks are also given to the staff within the library of both Rodbaston College and also the Cannock campus for their assistance in allowing the use of reading material while the procurement of the enrolment data was being processed. Thanks to my mentor, for providing assistance and support in this first assignment.


Page 1:Title Page

Page 2:Acknowledgements

Page 3:Contents Page

Page 4:Summary

Page 5:Introduction

Page 6:Methodology

Page 7:Section 1: Summary of key aspects of legislation

Page 8:Section 2:Role & responsibilities of a teacher

Page 9:Section 3:Analysis of boundaries between teaching & other professional roles

Page 11:Section 4:Review of points of referral

Page 12:Section 5:How to promote behaviour & establish ground rules

Page 13:Conclusion

Page 14:References


This assignment and the following report contains information of the Roles, responsibilities, & relationships within Lifelong Learning, including the setting of ground rules, the challenges facing teachers regarding promotion of appropriate behaviour including both legal and moral obligations while visiting the relevant codes of practice to be adhered to by all teachers when confronted with learners in the lifelong learning sector. We shall also look at the points of referral available to teachers to ensure that the needs of the learners are met in all aspects which promote a good learning environment.


This report provides for the Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Sector information on the roles and responsibilities of a teacher including the legislation and codes of practice to be considered throughout the learning cycle. Contained within also is information regarding the boundaries that may be problematic for the teacher from the learners, information on the setting of ground rules and points of referral that may have to be considered should the need arise.


When compiling this report, a number of books, web addresses, notes and codes of practice were consulted for literary content to ensure that the best cross section of information could be used at the same time ensuring accuracy of the information.

Section 1:
To assist with the increasing difficulties within the teaching arena and enhance the learning experience, there is a myriad of legislation which has been implemented and reviewed to protect all parties involved from the teacher to each learner. (Gravells, 2012) The Health and safety at work act 1974 (HSE) is an overarching piece of prime legislation applicable in all working areas including learning facilities thus ensuring safety is paramount, this has been supplemented by the management of health and safety at work regulations and many more regulations placing absolute duties persons to ensure both safe practices are always adopted. Data protection Act 1998 (data protection) ensures confidentiality for learners, it also places restrictions on data sharing and publication of information other should not have access too, the Child Protection Act 1999 (Child Protection Act) which is designed to keep children...
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