Ptlls Assignment

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PTLLS Assignment
Assignment 1a
Review your own role and responsibilities as a teacher / trainer in terms of the teaching / training cycle. Consider also the boundaries which might apply to the role and discuss

In order to fulfil my position as a trainer / assessor, it is necessary that I have an understanding of the roles and responsibilities that are essential elements of successful teaching practice. My role as an assessor / trainer, may be defined as my ‘’usual or customary function’’ (Collins English Dictionary, 2006), which requires me to be able to impart my knowledge of retail best practice, in accordance with the standard requirements of the relevant examining bodies. The responsibilities that come with this ‘role’ are far more varied and may be constantly changing and developing. Reece and Walker (2002:5), write that the role of the teacher has changed from simply imparting information to a group of passive listeners, to that of a ‘facilitator’. There is now an understanding that students can be in different stages of learning, and may have different or a combination of learning styles (Kinaesthetic, auditory or visual), that would require me to implement various delivery methods: - from lectures and discussions, to role plays, activities, demonstrations and reflection. David Kolb (1984) discussed the importance of this in his Four Stage Model of Learning, which is a cycle of assessment, planning and review. Following this concept as a trainer, I should consider that learners will follow a cycle of learning and understanding, from Concrete Experience, to Reflective Observation, Abstract Conceptualisation and Active Experimentation, and may enter the cycle at any point. My responsibility therefore when delivering my pre-employment course is to consider the fact that the group is typically mixed ability, have often been out of education for some time and may have differing levels of basic Maths, English, language skills and confidence. I should ensure that I am aware of my groups learning styles and capabilities early on, and should design a varied lesson with activities that meet the needs of different learning styles, with opportunities for activity, participation and reflection. I should also ensure that my assessment methods consistently establish whether my candidates understand what is being delivered, so that I can alter delivery to meet the needs of any students that are failing to learn. Furthermore, assessment needs to meet the criteria of the course standards, be fair, valid and reliable and be completed in a timely fashion. Taking this concept further, Reece and Walker (2002:532) discuss the responsibility that teaching practitioners have for understanding their own ‘Teaching / Learning Cycle’, so that they can best meet the needs of their students - stating that: ‘’You need to reflect upon all aspects of your work; not just in whether it has achieved its aims, but also in terms of how it was learned, whether the best learning techniques were used, whether you might have used different techniques, and so on’’. Teachers therefore, should be prepared to consider whether their teaching methods have been successful, or whether they need to adapt and change how they deliver the content if it has been ineffective. My responsibilities as a teacher also include the ability to respect my class as individuals. As a teacher of adult learners, it is important that I do not treat them as children and show that I respect their experiences, knowledge and opinions without being condescending. In order to meet the standards and procedural practices of the College, my Awarding Bodies and Ofsted etc I have responsibility to my students, to be organised and be prepared to deliver both teaching and work based assessment. I should ensure that record keeping is effective, lesson plans are thorough and learning outcomes and objectives are clear and understood by the learners. As a facilitator I am...
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