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  • Published : April 21, 2013
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2.4 Review how to provide opportunities for learners to practise their literacy, language, numeracy and ICT skills As a health and social care trainer and manager, I incorporate and embed functional skills during sessions, in various ways. When meeting learners during the induction / recruitment programme, we exchange company contact details. I actively encourage contact via email, or phone and email requested support and assistance to the leaners I also endorse the use of the internet to research set tasks, further promoting the use of ICT and encouraging development in this skill area. On day one of the induction training programme, I give the learner a copy of their induction programme, containing our agreed action plan which they read, and sign. I set modules which they need to read and understand, to complete as evidence towards their skills for care award. We discuss these, to ensure understanding and I encourage the learner to ask questions and make notes. This also promotes the use of their literary skills in various forms, including speaking, listening, reading and writing.

One such module, involves the learner assessing an individual’s risk of medication administering risks. This entails completing a Marr (Medication administering recording records) chart by recording different codes for each medicine taken by the individual. The leaner has to count and cross reference each tablet or medicine before administering, ensuring they receive the correct dosage. This actively involves and encourages the carer to apply their numeracy skills, analyse the result and reach a conclusion. Referring to “The Leitch report,” with international standards we need to increase working age adult’s functional literacy and numeracy skills. (The Leitch review summary, 2006) I agree with each statement and a way of fulfilling both, is by embedding these skills into every area of learning. They are described (Gravells, 2007) as transferable skills, meaning they can be...
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