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Topics: Assessment, Educational psychology, Summative assessment Pages: 3 (908 words) Published: June 22, 2012
UNIT 007
Introduction into teaching in Motorsport
* Motorsport is a vocational qualification.
* It is a very hand on course.
* About 75% of learners work is workshop assessed.
* The teaching is mainly applied using demonstrations, hand-outs and Q&A * Often the learners work together in small groups and peer teaching/assessment and self-assessment takes place.

Involving learners
Ways in which to involve the learner is in the teaching and also the learning process. This is called Peer or self-assessment. Self-assessment is when a learner assesses their own progress. Peer assessment is when learners assess each other progress. These methods encourage development of skills such as listening, questioning and observation. The methods are encouraging learners to make decisions of what has been learnt so far. It also encourages them to look at aspects for further development. An example of this in my area would be with practical tasks. When the learners are working together or in small groups they can check each other’s work and even advice on a quicker or more effective way of completing the task. It can also be used in a reflection of their own work. For example id they were to do the task again how would they improve their working methods. Peer assessment can also help the learners see the criteria of the course more effectively and making their goals more understandable. It can also help knock down social boundaries. But this needs to be done carefully as it could easily go the other way and be used as an excuse to demoralise other learners causing more social boundaries. A few down sides to using these assessment methods are learners may be too shy to give proper feedback or not want to give honest feedback. Also with self-assessment the learner may lack confidence in what they have done or making decisions on their feedback. Most importantly the assessor should give confirmation of the learners achievements as this will not biased, and...
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